Raising real men: Kindness isn’t for wimps


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Originally posted on A Moral Outrage:


I’ll be clear. If you want to raise kind, smart, creative boys (and girls), prepare to be very different. If you’re raising sons, I don’t need to show you the research detailing the toxic environment modern society offers boys. Over and over, when my boys were little, people told me I was turning my boys into wimps and nerds by choosing violin lessons, reading too many books and rejecting video games and cable TV. I ignored the naysayers because, for me, popularity was never the goal. Interestingly, my boys are extremely well-liked among their peers.

I’ll share a secret, and it’s a big one.

I believe my children are amazing.

And I believe your children are amazing.

The essence of my mothering resides in these words from C.S. Lewis (my favorite quote ever, ever):

“It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses…

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2 thoughts on “Raising real men: Kindness isn’t for wimps

  1. doctortwintwin

    Hello fellow twin mum! Thanks for posting this article – I loved it. I wonder if your move from one culture to another has given you the benefit of a more liberated perspective on parenting. Interested to read more :-)


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