Cleaning House

We’ve been here for approximately 6 weeks and are getting into a routine…or at least as much of a routine as is possible with neither parent working and no child enrolled in school.

Prior to our arrival, various relatives left items in our garage expecting that we would use them.  As well, James’ grandfather recently sold his beachhouse and many of the items that were there ended up here.  All this to say that we were left with an abundance of items that we didn’t need.  The miscellany included spare sofas, beds, dishes etc.  Many of the big ticket items went to my sister-in-law and her husband who are expecting farm-workers from the Philippines soon.  The items we had left over included things I literally could not identify.  I would have just left them in the garage forever but James had the brilliant idea of having a garage sale.  The last time I had a garage sale I was a kid and the neighbours haggled with me over my Archie comics.  I ended up selling a boxful for maybe $3; I still regret this.

In any event, James took the lead on this.  He placed an advertisement in the local paper which cost him $15.  I was just hoping to recoup those costs.  The ad appealed to every hoarding spendthrift within a 50 km radius: “nothing over $5”.  The sale was due to begin at 9am on Saturday.  9am on Saturday.  9 am on SATURDAY.  Imagine James’ surprise then when 3 older woman pulled up on Friday afternoon to request an early peak!  They ended up spending $67 that night so no complaints from us!  The next morning, at around 7.30am, I was urging James to shower first and quickly and that I’d follow in short order.  He assured me that no one would arrive until 8.30am at the earliest.  I disagreed.  I was confident people would start arriving at 8am or so.  I scurried past the front window and was shocked at the site! — 5 cars lined up on our front lawn with its inhabitants staring into our house, watching for movement and any indication that the sale was on.  

James ushered them to the garage and the sale was on!  We sold all types of rubbish.  Some of it was actual rubbish.  For example, James took a rusted out bathtub that was headed for the dump and put it in the garage.  SOLD for $5!

Rusty tools?  SOLD! 3 forks and 5 knives from mismatched sets? SOLD! Mouldy pillows? SOLD!

When all was said and done, we made $134 after factoring in the advertising cost.  The best part is that after the last customers left, they returned from their car with a large bucket of freshly picked asparagus.  I thanked him and asked how much he’d like for it.  NONE!  Nothing! He was giving me it! For free!  Obviously I happily accepted his kind and very generous offer. I’ve never had fresh asparagus before.  They taste like sunshine and happiness.ImageImage



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