Driving Along in My Automobile…

We are the proud owners of a brand new Nissan Elgrand.  Brand new to us, that is.  It is a 2004 model and a Japanese Import.  I have no idea what the Japanese do to their cars but here is what they evidently don’t do to, or in, their cars: wear muddy footwear, drink anything but colourless beverages or eat anything at all.  The only evidence of any damage is very slight: a few irregularities in one bit of fabric which, to me, looks like the remnants of a cigarette improperly ashed.

I always said I hated vans and would never own one but the practicalities of parenthood won the day.  My father-in-law and I combined investigatory efforts before we arrived here and came to the conclusion that the Elgrand was the best and most suitable option for us.  It was also the only one that could easily fit our triple stroller.  Despite it being purchased purely for its utilitarianism, it has some amazing features that I love…


It fits the triple stroller: we’ve quasi piled the seats on top of each other and by folding a seat up and against the wall (how cool is that!?!), we are able to fit in the base as well).


Here’s the interior. Notice the wheel is on the right side. Also, if you look close, you will see the world’s coolest keyless feature.


I can use a key to turn on the ignition OR I can simply turn it on by having the key nearby. Any car I’ve been in before is EITHER with key or keyless but this car lets you do either!


Just press that button on the left and if your key is nearby (say, in your pocket), the doors unlock.


3 thoughts on “Driving Along in My Automobile…

  1. Glen

    What about the plug for the guy who told you what the Japanese script on the controls said? 😉 seriously, it’s a great car, enjoy!!!

  2. sparrow

    That looks like a fun car! Amazing what you need with kids. And a triple stroller sounds intense. We have a double and it’s so gigantic. Looking forward to when my twins can walk (though I’m sure that will be a whole other challenge…).


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