Reflections Not Quite Abroad

My apologies for the lapse in writing.  We are fast approaching our departure day (just 2 days away!) and we’ve been busier than expected.  The seven weeks in Toronto have, in many ways, flown by.  Overall we’ve been able to breathe and relax a bit which has been nice given how hectic our final days were in Winnipeg.  

We’ve been busying visiting with friends and family over these past 7 weeks and between the goodbyes in Winnipeg and now the goodbyes here, the reality has certainly and viscerally sunken in: I will not see many of these people for a very very long time.  Some of my friends have children and I can’t help but wonder how old these kids will be when I see them next.  This may sound trite but the internet really is a truly incredible thing; it means that, between Skype and Facebook and emailing and the myriad other applications available, I have been able to maintain contact with friends and family around the world and will continue to do so.  I imagine that will be a tremendous help as I get resettled in my new life that is, at minimum, a 14 hour flight from my closest proximity relatives.

People keep asking me how I feel and if I’m nervous.  The truth is not at all; I’m just really excited.  For me, this is an adventure.  My Canadian friends keep saying how beautiful New Zealand is but my standard reply is to remind them that Canada is beautiful too.  The appeal of New Zealand isn’t that it’s beautiful because anyone who’s travelled the length and breadth of Canada knows what this country has to offer.  Besides the obvious appeal of having my husband’s family nearby, the appeal of New Zealand is the newness and adventure it offers.  How many times in our adult life do we get to do something like this?  So are the goodbyes bittersweet?, of course they are; the adventure that lies ahead (or rather, the adventure that we’ve already started!) is much sweeter.

Next time…some thoughts on re-packing my life as we get set to depart.




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