A Type of Cracker

My daughter is a very adventurous eater which I credit to a combination of her nature and the success we experienced with baby-led weaning.  Despite my daughter’s willingness to try all foods, there are some she likes more than others.  Crackers are among her favourites.  Rice cakes, saltines, Goldfish, it doesn’t matter; if it could even vaguely be described as cracker-like, she’ll eat it.

I should interject here by saying that we did not own a dog in Winnipeg but my parents, with whom we’re staying for seven weeks, do have a dog.  All this to say that my daughter is not especially familiar with the ins and outs of dog ownership and neither are we.

As I was saying…

Over the last few days, I’ve noticed our daughter finally taken a keen interest in my parents’ dog.  Previously our daughter feared Roxie, the elderly 6 pound, 3-toothed, mini poodle who has at least 2 paws in the grave, whereas now, our daughter is petting her, smiling at her and even feeding Roxie by hand!  So sweet!  So cute! So benign!

Until the other day.

My husband and I were a bit distracted for a few minutes, with what I do not know.  We eventually looked over and saw our daughter standing by Roxie’s bowl, chewing away happily as she pointed towards the bowl and said “Cracker!”

Where’s an apropos “parenting fail” meme when you need one?!

I’ll look for one once my husband and I stop dry-heaving.


Sugar Shack


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